Road Racing

Race Clock Service Upgraded – Brighten up your Race!

We now have new improved digitised clocks which are lighter, with Amberbright digits, and remote control, purchased for Notts AAA by the Notts Network group of clubs. The charge paid to Notts AAA for hire of the clocks
has been increased to £15 for Notts Network clubs, £20 for other Notts & UKA affiliated clubs, and £40 for other organisations. This is to help towards gradually recovering the cost of the clocks and to provide any
necessary maintenance, and is the first increase for many years. Chris Quincey will continue to provide his excellent on the day service with a basic charge of £65.
In order to book the clock(s) for your race please email - providing race name, date and time of race, 1 or 2 clock required, contact(if different). Please copy the email to and send a cheque for correct amount to:

Ken Allen(raceclocks)
153 Long Lane
Banners and Marshalls Bibs are no longer available.