Inter Counties Championships
Congratulations to the athletes listed who have been selected to represent Nottinghamshire at the Inter Counties Championships at Prestwold Hall on Saturday 7th March.  Reserve athletes are also listed.  Reserves have been entered and will be contacted in advance if a space becomes available.
The timetable is as follows:
11:00am          U20 Men            8000M
11:30am          U13 Girls            3000M
11:45am          Senior Women   10000M
12:35pm          U15 Boys           4000M
12:55pm          U17 Women       5000M
13:15pm          U17 Men            6000M
13:40pm          U13 Boys           3000M
14:00pm          U20 Women       6000M
14:20pm          U15 Girls            4000M
14:45pm          Senior Men        10000M
Please allow plenty of time to travel to Prestwold (postcode: LE12 5SH), park your car, find your team manager and warm up.
Your team managers are Steve Leek (Senior Ladies) and Graham Moffatt (Senior Men, Junior Men and Women).  Graham and Steve will be on site from 9:30 am to hand out numbers, chips and vests.  You can find Graham and Steve by the Rushcliffe Athletics Club flag, which looks like this:
If you have any questions, or become unavailable, please let the team mangers know in good time:
Graham Moffatt – [email protected]
Steve Leek – [email protected]
Otherwise, see you on the day and have a good race.
Come on Notts!
Selected Athletes
Senior Ladies
Juliet Potter, Charnwood AC
Jane Potter, Charnwood AC
Natalie Hoffman, Notts AC
Rebecca Gallop, Newark AC
Jo Clamp, Notts AC
Hannah Robinson, Notts AC
Catherine Charlton, Notts AC
Becca Peach, Notts AC
Caitlin Bradbury, Beeston AC
Sophie Eadsforth, Beeston AC
Claire Watson, Sutton
Kerstine Herbert, Kimberley
Lisa Staley, Sutton
Cheralynne Todd McIntyre, Rushcliffe
Molly Scott, Mansfield
Emma Williams, Notts
Becky Harris, Notts
Molly Burgess, Retford
Sarah Maston, Rushcliffe
Lucy Rathbone, Rushcliffe
Imogen Edwards, Rushcliffe
Yasmin Nutt, Notts
Emily Alcock, Retford
Maya Todd Macintyre, Rushcliffe
Lizzy Edge, Rushcliffe
Lauren McNeill, Mansfield
Georgie York, Absolute
Amelia Chrispin, Newark
Rosie Challender, Notts
Daisy Walker, Notts
Anna Maddocks, Worksop
Hannah Noble, Retford
Emily Bagguley, Retford
Gabriella Sutton, Notts
Grace Manson, Mansfield
Olivia Hare, Mansfield
Caitlin Dodds, Mansfield
Olivia Barrett, Mansfield
Ava Blake, Mansfield
Abigail Nicholson, Notts
Chloe Lilley, Notts
Jemima Waller, Mansfield
Ella Kennedy, Mansfield
Emily Cartwright, Worksop
Zoe Spencer, Mansfield
Mikyla Thomas, Notts
Freya Vincent, Sutton
Charlotte Allcock, Retford
Hannah Easter, Rushcliffe
Nancy Read, Absolute
Jasmine Braithwaite, Newark
Selected Athletes
Senior Men
Kristian Watson, Heanor
Oliver Carrington, Newark
Edward Buck, Newark
Ben Burnham, Mansfield
Oliver Matharu, HPP
Steve Dickens, Rushcliffe
Jon Fox, HPP
John Muddeman, Notts
Steve Long, Notts
Adam Knights, Sutton
Dylan George, Mansfield
Toby Percival, Rushcliffe
Morgan Gallimore, Absolute
Jenson Connell, Mansfield
George Rowland, Doncaster
Harley Beech-McPhilbin, Notts
Lewis Edge, Rushcliffe
Lewis Boswell, Sutton
Lucas Wolf-Pudney, Halesowen
Tate Emery Peters, Rushcliffe
Will Clay, Rushcliffe
Charlie Norman, Sutton
Mark Thompson, Sutton
Ed Parry, Rushcliffe
Solomon Okrafo-Smart, Absolute
Louis Buttrick, Rushcliffe
Thomas Bavin, Rushcliffe
Johan Ali, Mansfield
Travis Senior, Worksop
Nathaniel Hinchley, Sutton
Oscar Wyszynski, Rushcliffe
Jenson Buttrick, Rugby & N
Archie Bradbury, Rushcliffe
Luke Hudd, Sutton
Adam Bayley, Rushcliffe
Jacob Nugent, Sutton
Charles Prestwich, Notts
Joseph Monk, Newark
Edward Sankey, Mansfield
George Sinski, Notts
Edward Holden, Mansfield
James Fee, Retford
Joshua Flood, Rushcliffe
Matthew Young, Mansfield
Sebastian Thornewill, Rushcliffe
William Sankey, Mansfield
Spencer Gill, Worksop