** UPDATE - 14th September 2021**
The only road county championships to take place this year will be the Worksop Half Marathon on Sunday, 31st October.
Entry details can be found here: www.worksophalfmarathon.co.uk
County Championships Cancellation


It is with regret and after much deliberation we have decided to suspend all the Notts AAA County Championship road races for this year 2021.  This does not mean the races will be cancelled so do watch out for them on the organising club websites.  The decision is due to several uncertainties about being able to use the courses and criteria not yet being sufficiently specific to take the health and financial risk.  Limiting numbers of entries also means those who wish to take part in the races will not have the opportunity to do so.  Rolling/social distanced starts make timing etc. difficult.  There are many pros and cons that could be added but the balance suggest we should not hold the Championships

We are all itching to race fully again and meet up with other Notts. Clubs in what annually prove to be fantastic races and social events.  The organising clubs have been wonderful in trying to get these events going again this year and their efforts deserve more than just recognition and appreciation.

The current situation is listed below so do contact the relevant clubs:

23rd July 7.15pm       Newstead Abbey 5K  Limited Number & full

Formula One 10k      Cancelled

2nd July 7.00pm         Notts AC 10mile  Hopeful

31st Oct. 10.00am      Worksop half marathon  Hopeful

4th Dec.                      Time to Run marathon  Hopeful


With a heavy heart,

Notts AAA Road Running Committee

The following is an extract of UK Athletics Rules for Competition:


1. English County Qualification

(1) County Championships are open to all eligible athletes possessing a

County qualification.

(2) A County qualification may be acquired as follows:

(a) By birth

(b) By nine month’s continuous bona fide residence in the County

immediately prior to the competition.

(c) By service in a Unit of HM Forces stationed in the County for nine

months immediately prior to the date of the competition. Temporary

absence on duty shall not break a qualification acquired under this


NOTE 2: Membership of a Club affiliated to a County Association does not, of

itself, provide an athlete with a County qualification unless at least one of (a) –

(c) above is satisfied.

(3) Competitors who have qualified and competed, under (2) b or (2) c above

retain that qualification until they have acquired a residential qualification and

competed in the Championship of another County, or represented another

County in an Inter-County Championship.

(4) A student at school, college or university does not acquire a residential

qualification by residential qualification by residence in the County during term

time only

(5) An athlete who has competed in a County Championship

 or represented a County in an Inter-County

competition, may not compete in the Championships of, nor represent, another

County in that Competition Year.



For the avoidance of doubt on 24/06/13 the Notts AAA Road Running Sub-Committee passed the following motion:


In all Nottinghamshire Road Running County Championships athletes must wear the vest of their first claim affiliated club, their County or National vest or any other representative vest approved by the UKA.

This rule does not apply to unaffiliated runners.


For the avoidance of doubt on 04/09/13 the Notts AAA Road Running Sub-Committee passed the following motion:


No entries on the day shall be allowed in any Nottinghamshire Road Running County Championships.


On 17/09/18 the Notts AAA main committee approved a proposal that for the U17 and U20 categories in the 5k County Championships the relevant date would be the age of the runner on race day.